Bill Genovese



As an internationally respected CIO and CTO who has lived and worked across Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas, I possess considerable multicultural awareness as well as adaptability.

Over the course of my career, I have amassed an impressive track record of growing revenues, delivering next-generation digital solutions and optimizing operations.

As a clearly known and acknowledged innovator, I have focused on what's coming next in terms of emerging technology application and adoption such as Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain, and Next Generation Analytics and Computing.


As Vice President of Corporate Strategy, selected and short-listed for Leadership in Banking Technology Leadership and Strategy and winner of three Mobile Banking Innovation awards as Sr Advisor.

Developed new global financial services horizontal industry strategy and portfolio across four business units and R&D resulting in a two-year revenue infusion, 154% increase in revenue, a new Blockchain Cloud Services solution, and a new and improved digital mobile wallet and SaaS based solution.

As CIO and CTO Developed technology strategy, product stack architecture and technology roadmap for full stack blockchain cloud services solution. Co-developed and delivered customer consulting engagement model and built initial customer pipeline of $2M with CEO/Founder and CMO.

As Principal and Chief Technology Architect, Completed provider’s IT strategy transition for $1B modernization, which also included a 29-point enterprise network assessment resulting in a new $34M cross enterprise Cisco solution.

As Executive Architect, Client Technical Leader and Sr. Advisor, led IT and Solution Strategy for $10B portfolio of 5 Fortune 50 Financial Services clients in the South Eastern US. Resulted in $150M in new revenue and 40% reduction of risk across the clients datacenter, architecture and technology (SW and HW).

Led multiple global engagement identifying stability, high availability and resiliency issues for global IBM clients resulting in over $100M in new HA and DR solutions resulting in 80% reduction in systems outages and critical situations.

Led product innovation and development leading to Patent Awards and filings for IBM Software Group and IBM Systems and Technology Group for new products and product enhancements for Software Integration, Systems Management and Automation, and Cloud services automation reducing in system efficiency and cost savings improvements of 50-60%.

Chief Engineer for multi-year, $2B program at major bank in Emerging Markets in Southeast Asia, providing technical leadership, innovation, strategy, design and governance. As Senior Technical Leader, built and led cross enterprise team delivering $500M in new solution development and implementation improving banks high availability, resiliency and disaster recovery and new analytics and artificial intelligence program. Led to a 5 year $1B contract renewal.

Led cross -enterprise solution strategy, definition, design and development of portfolio of solutions which led to a 7-year $1.3B Strategic Outsourcing and Cloud Computing Contract with new services, and $3.8M in client and contract savings for a Fortune 50 International European based bank.

Led strategic Oracle global partnership program for IBM resulting in 12 new portfolio solutions for the Financial Services Industry, estimated at $500M in new annual revenue.

Led overall solution and integration architecture development for $80M Basel program for a Fortune 50 global bank, resulting in 35% improved risk reserves and customer analytical insights in compliance with Basel II for Market, Credit, and Operational Risk.

Developed and delivered the business case and new operating model for Top 10 Global Bank to migrate to new Global Financial Architecture with with an estimated first-year cost savings in excess of $3M per annum.

As System integration leader for $70M program supporting Credit Suisse Group Public Listing on NYSE in 1999-2000 and identified and mitigated group wide risks and developed IT Program Portfolio for risk remediation and external reporting and regulatory enhancements.

As Performance Engineering Manager, led team delivering an integrated activity-based costing platform saving an estimated $5.1M per annum and utilized for mergers and acquisitions at $65B Southeastern bank headquarters.

Developed client-server revenue recognition, partnership-based revenue model and service delivery platform integrated into business and core financial systems for leading global real estate corporation, generating $100M of new revenue per annum.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Education & Selected Certifications

IBM: 1. Senior Executive Architect 2. Expert IT Architect 3. Expert IT Specialist 4. Expert Technology Consultant

The Open Group: 1. Distinguished/Chief IT Architect 2. Master IT Architect 3. Master IT Specialist

Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF). CQF Institute/Fitch June 2022 (Planned)

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy, Machine Learning – Implementation for Business:
MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Labs (CSAIL)

Introduction to Quantum Computing, Quantum computing algorithms for cybersecurity, chemistry, and optimization; Quantum Computing Realities, Practical Realities of Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication, Requirements for Large-Scale Universal Quantum Computation: MIT

Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success: MIT Sloan – Emeritus Institute of Management

Algorithmic Trading, Blockchain Strategy, FinTech Programme: University of Oxford, Said Business School

Disruptive Strategy, Harvard Business School

Alternative Investments Harvard Business School

Certified Information Systems Security; Professional (CISSP) INFOSEC Institute


Dynamic Generation of User Interfaces and Automated Mapping of Input Data for Service-Oriented Architecture-Based System Management Applications. Date Issued Mar 20, 2012. Patent issuer and number US and Germany 8140590.


Corporate Strategy

Business Intelligence

Cloud Computing and Engineering

Cyber Security

Platform Engineering

Emerging Technology


Quantum Computing

Advanced Analytics



Fueled two-year revenue infusion forecasted at $500M. Developed Blockchain Go-to-Market Strategy, solution applications, and championed Blockchain technology for the financial services market.

Propelled 154% increase in revenue. Developed next generation digital financial platform services and integrated new products. Transformed business to be more than infrastructure offerings to the financial services industry.

Chief Engineer for multi-year, $2B program at major bank in Emerging Markets in Southeast Asia, providing technical leadership, innovation, strategy, design and governance. As Senior Technical Leader, built and led cross enterprise team delivering $500M in new solution development and implementation improving banks high availability, resiliency and disaster recovery and new analytics and artificial intelligence program. Led to a 5 year $1B contract renewal.


eHome Holdings

Huawei Technologies

Encrypted Labs




Coldwell Banker




Air Canada


Bank of America

Credit Suisse



First Union


Goldman Sachs

JP Morgan Chase

Lincoln Financial

Morgan Stanley


Prudential Financial

Raymond James

Reader’s Digest




T. Rowe Price




Meet Bill

Q & A

Who are your main influences?

Jamie Dimon – CEO – JP Morgan Chase , Sam Palmisano – Former CEO – IBM, Larry Fink – Chairman and CEO at Blackrock.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

A: Turning around a very difficult situation at a Top 25 Global Account, which my former employer was in very serious danger of losing a $1B contract renewal for 5-10 years in Asia. As Chief Engineer, Executive Architect and the CIOs right hand advisor, Not only did I save the renewal, but completely restored faith from the client in my employers products, services, technology, strategy and solutions and we were awarded additional business. I restored client faith in my company by a tremendous re-design and execution of enterprise architecture with improved reliability, performance, stability and resiliency across all technology, services and data centers by implementing and deploying next generation and advanced financial services and technology solutions in an 18 month time frame.

What tools do you use?

A: MERN Stack ( MongoDB, Express, React, Node, NoSQL), OpenStack, Azure, Google, IBM, Red Hat and AWS for Quantum, AI, Machine Learning, HPC, Big Data and IoT workloads, IBM Quantum Software: Qiskit, Q Experience, Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Communication, Optical Networking, Python, JSON, Julia, IBM Infrastructure, OS, and Automation Mainframe, Parallel Sysplex, AS/400, UNIX, x86, Linux (SUSE and RedHat), Java, JavaScript, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, RPA, NLP, EMC GDPR, IBM DataPower, IBM WebSphere, IBM WTX, IBM Tivoli, IBM Rational, IBM DB2, SQL, SQL Server, SAS, Mathlab, Cognos, Predictive Analytics, Cisco, SD-WAN, 5G, Advanced Networking, Software Defined Computing, Networking and Infrastructure, Oracle Technologies, Oracle RAC, Oracle Database, Splunk, Solarwinds, VMWare, Huawei Technologies, Blockchain Technologies, Ethereum, R3, Consensys, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Consensus Protocols, Teradata, Murex, Finacle, Temenos, Flexcube, Mambu, Backbase, LeanIX, SPARX, Rational System Architect, SAP, OSI (Open System Interconnect), GitHub, Open Source, Microservices, SOA, API, ESB, Service Bus, Mobile Technologies, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BPaaS, BaaS, Digital Technologies, Payment Technologies, NFC, Contactless, Real-Time Payments, Robo Advisory, Trading Systems, Alladin, Competitive, R&D

Why did you choose your profession?

A: I chose my profession because I passionately love to apply next generation and emerging technology to not only solve the business problems and issues of today (and yesterday), but to also very quickly see with foresight issues and problems that are not apparent yet to the masses and prepare to solve these through the application of the best fit for purpose technology.

What are you working on right now?

A: I am an advisory CIO, CTO and technology advisor for a number of startups in the FinTech, Healthcare/Healthtech, PropTech, and eCommerce domains, and a board advisor for a number of companies. I am a mentor and coach in NewChip Accelerator which is an incubator for startup companies. I am very active in M&A and Due Diligence work for PE and VC firms and am a Specialist Technology Advisor for a FinTech Fund in Hong Kong and Singapore. I am actively interviewing for my next CxO level role. I am also working on a new correlated risk predictive analytics platform solution that uses applied AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. I contribute to a number of industry publications and present at virtual conferences on a global basis.

Interests & Hobbies

Live Music


Emerging Technology


Bill brings extensive experience in Architecture with specialization across Enterprise, Technical, Application and Systems Engineering. He is a good communicator and was always ready to explore innovative alternatives in improving service availability. He is pleasant mannered and can quickly establish relationships across various levels of the organization. It was a pleasure interacting and working with Bill and I forward to more opportunities in the future.


Bill and I teamed together on a very complex project at a large global financial services organization. I worked on the business side and Bill brought his technological expertise to the table. I was quite impressed with Bill’s overall understanding of the technology challenges and his insights into the various architectural solutions. I could see from his interactions with the client he was just the SME the project needed. However, at the same time he was also able to engage a non-technologist as myself. Most importantly, he delivered what the client needed. Strong technology skills combined with sensitive and effective people skills make Bill an asset to all teams. I hope to work with him again some day.


Bill is a dedicated, forward-thinking, tenacious, and yet also a compassionate technical leader. He also has an excellent, balanced blend of business and technical skills. He helped us with a very critical, complex client account to introduce new technology, help advance it forward, and help to position IBM for further success with the client. I do not hesitate to recommend him for a leadership role.